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Can I use my child’s school photo for a Kids-ID?

15/06/2022 12:32

Going on holiday with the kids soon? Are you planning on using your child’s school photo for the Kids-ID? The rules for valid pictures on official documents are strict, also for children. That’s why you better choose a professional passport photo that ticks all the boxes.

Is a Kids-ID mandatory?

Have you planned a holiday abroad ? Then you’ve probably thought of your ID card or passport. Did you know that babies and children younger than twelve also need an official identity document : the Kids-ID ? This ID card for children isn’t mandatory in Belgium, but it is required when you travel abroad.

A Kids-ID card does have its added benefits : it offers security in case of emergency. The card gives you the opportunity to contact a child’s parents when it for example would get lost or when the child would be in trouble. It can also be used as an online identification, to safely surf the internet or chat in a chatroom. The Kids-ID is valid for three years.

What do you need for a Kids-ID?

Just like any ID-card, passport or driving licence, there are quite some conditions to the application for a Kids-ID. Including the specifications for the passport picture for a Kids-ID. Maybe you’ve found an old school photo that seems like the perfect solution ? Be careful, because the legal requirements are quite strict.

A passport photo always needs to be recent : for a Kids-ID, it can’t be older than six months. Just like adults, children need to look straight into the lens and they need to have a neutral expression. Laughing or smiling isn’t allowed. A quality colour photo with the right lighting and an even background are of the utmost importance.

The only exception ? Children younger than six are granted some more freedom regarding posture and facial expression. The other quality conditions still apply, though. That’s why we recommend to not use a school photo when applying for a Kids-ID : there’s a huge chance it won’t meet all these requirements and it will get rejected.

Passport photo for a Kids-ID

For a Kids-ID, you will need a quality photo that ticks all the boxes. Not particularly looking forward to visiting a photographer’s with your kids? We feel you. Moreover, these passport pictures are rather expensive and quite a hassle: opening hours, parking spaces…

The solution? Faced allows you to make a passport photo for a Kids-ID from the comfort of your own home. Just use the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Our software takes care of all the legal requirements concerning quality and size.

Faced gives you a valid passport picture for every official document. There won’t be any surprises at city hall. We even deliver your passport photos for free.

  • 6 passporth photos for only €6,95.
  • Your order will be delivered within two days.
  • Free home delivery.

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